Textured Nickel Silver and Natural Moonstone Pendant on a Simple Rolo Chain
Handcrafted using metal clay derived from nickel silver, this textured pendant is definitely one of a kind and unique. A stunning moonstone that is milky white with brief flashes of blue is held securely in the pendant with four prongs. A steel pendant bail holds the pendant and an included Rolo chain allows for immediate enjoyment. A good luck stone that is associated with the full moon and the goddess Diana, moonstone is a very personal stone that brings good emotion to the one who wears it. It is said that it can bring success in business but mostly, it brings success in love. Not only has it been said that moonstone can reunite lovers who have fought but if given to your lover as a necklace during the full moon, it is assured that you will always have passion. A great gift for that unique bride who desires something different for her wedding. Make no mistake, nickel silver is not actually silver. It is an alloy that combines copper, nickel and zinc to create a metal that is a close resemblance to silver. Those who have a sensitivity to such metals should take extra precautions. Nickel silver, like most metals, does eventually tarnish but the reaction is slower than that of copper and bronze. A gift box is included for ease of giving and safe shipping.