Handcrafted Sodalite and Bronze Metal Clay Pendant with Chain
Simple in design, this handcrafted textured bronze pendant was created out of metal clay and features a natural blue and white sodalite that has been securely prong-set using bronze wire. The pendant is attached to a simple bail and is held onto a ball chain that is about 23 inches long. The pendant design and the length of the chain makes this a great piece for casual wear all year long. Sodalite, considered the stone of truth and logic, focuses on the head by clearing confusion and enhancing learning. It focuses on the heart by bringing about inner peace and calm. Sodalite has also been believed to improve creativity throughout history which made it highly prized with writers and artists. Bronze, like most metals, does eventually tarnish and the metal will darken with time as no sealant was applied. I recommend keeping it stored with anti-tarnish tabs or in a sealed anti-tarnish bag when not worn which I do include with every purchase. A gift box is also included for ease of giving and safe shipping.