Policy? I'll have to think about that one.

Payment Policy

If you like it you buy it. I do paypal only(I think everybody does here).

Shipping Policy

All the small stuff ships for free(jewelry and things that fit in your palm), larger things(you make a strange sound when you pick them up)have to be crated and boxed and padded and taped and protected and wrestled and trucked, may cost a little bit more and a shipping cost may be incurred, but most of the time I just sneak the shipping into the cost but don't tell anybody.

Refund & Exchange Policy

If you don't like it send it back in original condition and I'll refund ya no problem. You eat the return shipping though, sorry bumma dude.

Other Policies

Some of my other policies that I strictly must stress to my customers is to love your family, love your friends, enjoy your life and of course love your God.

Contact Information

If you want to drop me a line mailto: I'll answer questions about my techniques too, some of which are pretty innovative.

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