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SET OF BEAUTIFUL SUCTION CUP AIR PLANTERS PUT THEM ANYWHERE WITH A SMOOTH SURFACE, WINDOW, TILE, MIRROR, WALL ANYWHERE THAT WILL ACCEPT A SUCTION CUP You Are Purchasing You are ordering: *** 2 Hemifusus Tuba Shell planters with attached Suction Cups (Hemifusus Tuba Shell Dark Brown are 3-5 inches) ***2 Pink sea Urchin Jellyfish Air planters with Suction cup attached 1.5-2.25 INCHES *** 4 Air Plants (that are selected to fit in your Shell and Guaranteed healthy on delivery and for 30 days after arrival) ***Instructions for plant care *** Instructions on applying and removing you Suction cup planter (No Harm to Walls) Suction cups are tested to ensure good suction. Put them in the shower, on windows, walls, mirrors, Anywhere that will accept a suction cup.