Large Wall Art, 28"x16", MOSAIC WALL art, WIne, Grapes, Tuscan art, Tuscany, Personalizable, Wine Bottle,
AS PICTURED> You can purchase Wine Bottle labels at an office store and personalize it with Pictures, Quotes, or dates. When you purchase the labels, they give you wine bottle label templates. PERSONALIZED. PLACE YOUR OWN WINE LABEL ON. The wine label can be personalized for any occasion. Personalized Wedding Anniversary gift Wine Mosaic Wall Art ORIGINAL ART WORK SIGNED BY ARTIST. Beautiful Handmade Mosaic Wall art Height: Approximately 28 1/2 inches Width: Approximately 16 inches wood Depth: Approximately 3/4 inch Frame: Stained as pictured. Frame approximately 2.75 inches As with many things, this product can be a choking hazard. Keep out of reach of children. May have sharp edges.