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You can't help but to smile at these absolutely adorable Sea Urchin Jellyfish hanging around in this elegant glass globe terrarium. You will Receive *** One glass terrarium approximately 7-9 inches *** One Pink, Purple or Green Sea Urchin attached to its line with attached magnet. DANGLING JELLYFISH *** One air plant to fit into your jellyfish, you can choose color of dried daisy's. *** One shell with a magnet on it to attach to the outside of the terrarium to ensure easy removal of your jellyfish *** Sand to place into your Terrarium you can choose Black, White, Pink, Light or Dark Blue or Purple sand *** 5 small shells to decorate your terrarium ***Ribbon or Jute rope to hang your terrarium. Add beauty to your indoors or your outdoors Air Plants are guaranteed healthy upon delivery and for one month after delivery. It comes with the sea Urchin to dangle from a sea shell magnet on the outside, and an air plant to fit within it. Air plants are easy to remove when needing to water or you can just spritz it in is container a couple times a week. Just remove the Outside shell magnet and the jelly will fall so you can take it out of the glass. When it arrives at your home Just remove the protective padding from inside the terrarium, to release your jellyfish, add the sand and place your shells. Also you will receive Ribbon so you can hang your jellyfish air planter where you please. Sea Urchins are 100% Natural Sea shell, Sanitized and sealed to increase strength and makes it easy to clean dust off. Plants are guaranteed to arrive healthy.