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Unique & Beautiful Sputnik Sea Urchin Set You are ordering *** 2 Thai Sea Urchin air planters (Approximately 1-1.5 inches) that have a mauve, green or a brownish color *** 1 Sputnik Sea urchin Air planters 2.75-3.75 inches with a natural grayish tone *** 3 air plants (colors change with light exposure, May not have the pink, reddish hew when ordered may or may not be blooming when ordered.) The Center Large Sputnik will have a Beautiful 4-6 inch Tillandsia Houston Cotton Candy (T. stricta x T. recurvifolia). (Has pink Flowers when Blooming) The smaller Thai sputniks will have 2-3 inch Beautiful Tillandsia ionantha rubra or Tillandsia ionantha Guatamala (has Purple flowers when blooming) *** Dried Daisy's You choose color (see last Picture) ***Plant care instructions ***Free Activated Heat pack to ensure safe arrival of your air plants in the cold months ***** If Heat pack is not needed, you will receive a free Suction cup air planter with plant Air plants are easy to care for and better for those people who have respiratory issues as there is no soil to cause mold growth. Instructions are easy to follow. Air plants bloom beautiful flowers when treated well and have the appropriate light.