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******NEW ITEM****** AWESOME UPCYCLED ONE OF A KIND DESIGN AIR PLANT WINE BOTTLE AIR PLANT HOLDER You can hang it, sit it on mantal, decorate your tables, use as a center piece and much more. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! You are ordering: *** One Upcycled wine bottle air plant holder, with cork and hook for hanging if desired *** 10 Air plants THATS RIGHT! TEN AIR PLANTS. you will get a varitety of the following to a total of 10 plants -Tillandsia aeranthos - Green leaves ranging from 3-4 inches wide. Has sturdy leaves and blooms Beautiful Flowers -Tillandsia capitata peach - blushes a beautiful peach color when it blooms. It gets to be large and is prolific. It can tolerate high bright light. -Tillandsia harrisii - Attains a beautiful Purple color when exposed to high bright light. This species is vary hardy and can tolerate less water and more bright light. It has a velvety feel and when in normal light has beautiful white/ grey tone. -Tillandsia Houston Cotton Candy (T. stricta x T. recurvifolia) - This is a softer form of Houston that pups to form giant balls of plants over many years. The blooms are a gorgeous light pink. LED LIGHTS--> Battery operated LED Lights.72 Hour Activated Heat