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Take pride in designing your very own air plant Quartz crystal Valentines gift. I only use healthy air plants and guarantee my plants for 30 days after delivery. The air plants I use are also very hardy and easy to care for. So how do you design your own you ask? And what are your options? Its simple. Chose from the many types of shells in pictures 7-9 Each shell has a Number. Choose the number of the shell you want. The last picture is no shell, just an air plant and red quartz I will then make your shell into a "DANGLING SEA CRITTER or JELLYFISH" The air plant will fit snuggly into the shell and is pose-able. To see a couple of these completed, press the following links Your will receive: *** one 175gm (6.1 oz) Red Aura Quartz Crystal Titanium Bismuth Silicon Cluster Rainbow (as Pictured) Approx 3in x 1.6 inches and 2.6 inches at its tallest point. *** One Shell of your choice, or no shell if you choose, dangled above the Crystal cluster *** One Health and guaranteed health air plant to fit into shell if applicable *** Easy care air plant instructions *** boxed in a Beautiful Heart shaped valentines box *** Free 72 hour heat pack activated for shipping through areas of less then 40 degrees or if it is not needed, a free suction cup air planter with plant ***Great joy :-)