Swirl Skirt, Midi. White, Sretchy. Ameynra design. Size M. New
White stretchy spandex skirt with elastic waistband. Midi / Mid-Calf length. Style: swirl skirt (also known as "spiral skirt". Material is stretchy, strong. Looks nice!!! One of a kind skirt. Designed by me. Handcrafted by my Ameynra family member. Size M, may fits for slim-large. Waistband stretches from 25 to 38 inches, in hips stretches from 36 to 44 inches, skirt length is 28 inches maximum, points are shorter because bottom is wavy. If photo not appear - you can see it on our instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CgUdpANrJ96/