Hammer Riveted Half Wallet
Men's Hammer Riveted Leather Half Wallet The Half Wallet by American Bench Craft was created for the individual who embraces our emphasis on a minimalist lifestyle and wishes to take it one step further. It has just two pockets perfect for carrying a few cards and more easily accommodates cash than our Front Pocket Wallet. Like our Front Pocket Wallet, the Half Wallet is ideal for formal events, a night out on the town, or traveling. It’s the perfect solution for when you are headed out and don’t need all the contents in your regular wallet. It easily fits inside a suit jacket pocket for formal occasions, a front pants pocket for safeguard while traveling or athletic clothing without the bulky bulge of your regular wallet. The Half Wallet will comfortably hold 1 – 4 credit or ID cards in the front, quick-access pocket and a wad of cash bills folded once in the interior pocket, while maintaining a slim and sleek profile. Do NOT overstuff this wallet as the leather will mold around the additional items and result in an unsecure fit. This wallet is constructed from a single piece of rugged, full grain leather, hand-cut from one of our beautiful, vegetable-tanned hides. We fold the leather and secure the wallet using metal rivets, NO THREAD STITCHING. Finally, we stamp and finish the wallet using simple hand tools for an entirely handcrafted product, proudly Made-in-the-USA. Our wallet’s minimalist design is aimed to help men simplify their lives and reduce clutter. Our wallets are unique, stylish and simple; rugged, durable and extremely tough. They are made-in-America and built to last. Why Vegetable-Tanned Leather? Vegetable tanned leather is meant to break in over time. We use only vegetable-tanned leather because it improves with age, and develops a unique and beautiful patina that is entirely your own. Additionally, vegetable-tanned leather is environmentally friendly, requires skilled craftsmen to produce and dye, and smells like leather, not chemicals. All of this ensures our wallets are of the highest quality and will not wear away with age or use. Why Metal Rivets instead of Thread Stitching? Both thread stitching and metal rivets offer strong holds. However, we’ve found rivets hold up better against the heat and friction from carrying and using your wallet every day. Over time, heat and friction fray thread and your wallet will ultimately fall apart. Heat and friction simply polish metal; making rivets a unique, strong and attractive alternative to thread stitching. Why a Single Piece of Leather? Simple products are more durable. Fewer parts equal less susceptibility to failure. Our single piece design concept ensures our wallet’s strength, durability, and that it will last for years to come without falling apart. How can you tell our Leather is Full Grain? Upon close inspection, you’ll notice subtle scars, brands and marks that ensure your wallet was made from full grain leather. Hides are split into numerous layers; however, each hide has only one Full Grain layer. The Full Grain layer is the very top of the hide, and is the most sought after cut because it is the strongest layer and develops a unique and beautiful patina, which allows the leather to improve with age and use. The subtle imperfections characteristic of full grain leather ensure the authenticity of your wallet, and that a completely all-natural and unaltered material was used in its construction, making your wallet incredibly durable and one-of-a-kind.