Poplar Cutting Board
Here is another poplar cutting board thats been handmade by my dad! He has taken 3 poplar wood planks and glued them together, using wood glue and let them dry overnight. Once the glue has dried, he sands it all down with his power sander then is conditioned using Organic Coconut oil. Take these anywhere you go! Use them when you go camping or anywhere else you go. They can also be used as a butcher block or bread board. Can also be used for cutting up fish. How to care for his cutting boards: Wipe with a damp towel then dry with another clean towel. Condition them once a month with coconut oil, allow oil to absorb into the wood for 1 hour then repeat on the other side. Cutting board is ready to shipped on the next business day and arrives within 3-5 days once payment has been received. Delivery is longer for international orders. All my dads cutting boards arrive well wrapped in bubble wrap to avoid any damage during shipping. Measurements: Length- 25 inches Width- 19 inches Thanks for looking