Red Oak and Poplar Cutting Board
This is another cutting board freshly made by my dad in our garage! Its made from red oak and poplar wood. Where does poplar wood come from? it comes from the Eastern United States. Other common names for it are Yellow Poplar, American Tulipwood, or Tulip Poplar. Where does red oak come from? it comes from Northeastern United States and Southeastern Canada. Grain is straight, with a coarse, uneven texture. The pores are so large and open that it is said that a person can blow into one end of the wood, and air will come out the other end: provided that the grain runs straight enough. These are great to take with you if you're a camper or just use at home! His cutting boards arrive well wrapped in bubble wrap and arrives within 3-5 days once payment has been received. International shipping takes longer and is $10 Thanks for looking