Wood Wire Wrapped Rings
So, i had three round wood beads left over from the Suede key ring i currently have in my shop. I didnt know what to do with them then i thought why not make them into rings using 20 gauge wire? Thats what i did! Now im selling them to you! Three were originally made but one of them, i made for myself as a prototype and the other two are for sale here! These are made with unfinished round wood beads and 20 gauge wire was used and hammered on my ring sizer to ensure its durability as well as strength. Rings are for either a man or women, even teens! If these two sell well and fast, ill be making more in the near future! Sizes are listed below and they are ready to be shipped on the next business day and arrive within 3-5 days once payment has been received and we use USPS to ship out our orders. Delivery takes longer for international orders and is $10. Thanks for looking!