Grey and Black Paracord Dog leashes
The other two dog leashes i had in my shop, went to a animal charity in another part of the United States. So, to replace those, i made two more in other colors. These are made with white, black and grey paracord 550 paracord. What does the 550 mean? It means that this paracord has a 550 pound breaking strength! That said, these leashes will support the weight of your dog and won't break at all. Dont worry about these leashes getting wet, they are also waterproof! The ends have been fused together with the help of my lighter and at the bottom, i have included carabiners or hooks to attach them to your dogs collar when taking him or her for a walk. These leashes are handmade by me and are ready to be shipped on the next business day and arrive within 3-5 days once payment has been received. Arrival will take a little bit longer for international orders. Thanks for looking!