Orange and Black Paracord Bracelets and Pet Collars-Sale
This is a set that includes 2 pet collars in black and orange. It also comes with 5 paracord bracelets and they are in various sizes. All buckle with a black buckle and can also be worn for halloween since they are all in black and orange. Whats the number 550 mean? it means that this paracord has a 550 pound breaking strength so its waterproof and won't rot. It can be bought as a set or if you want to purchase one of these by theirself, please feel free to contact me at Sizes are listed below and are ready to be shipped on the next business day. item arrives within 3-5 business days once payment has been received. Paypal is accepted as well as money orders and checks. Please also contact us for mailing address. Was $25 Now $20 Thanks for looking