Minty Mist Headband
This is certainly a pretty shade and is plenty wide enough as shown in the images of this listing. My headbands are a brand new and handmade item that will be in my shop. since we are approaching warmer temperatures, these will be more comfortable for those of you who love wearing handbands such as myself! The headband has 3 different stitch patterns in it. They include a u stitch, knit stitch and a pearl stitch which gives it its width. A very stylish and fashionable headband thats made from 48% acrylic, 32% nylon,10% wool and 10% mohair. Its also very soft! Measures 10 inches around and can also be done is other colors upon request. Please allow 1 week for your custom order to be completed. Along with this, comes instructions for care: Hand wash in water not exceeding 30 degrees celsius /86 degrees farenheit. Do not bleach Dont iron or press and do not dry clean. Item is ready to ship and arrives within 3-5 days in the United states. Remember, we also ship internationally! Thanks for looking