Turquoise Infinity Scarf
This infinity scarf is fingerknitted by me! The yarn is 60% polyester and 40% acrylic. On to the big question... Whats fingerknitting? Finger knitting a scarf is the process of making a scarf out of yarn by using your fingers to loop the yarn into a pattern Finger knitting is commonly done by looping yarn around your pointer, middle, ring and pinkie fingers. A person can create a scarf or decorative necklace through finger knitting. Its long enough to wrapped around your neck several times and the yarn is super bulky. Instructions for care: Hand Wash in warm water. Do not bleach. Dry flat. Do not iron and do not dry clean. Instructions for care will come along with the scarf once purchased. Item is ready to be shipped on the next business day and usually arrives within 3-5 days Thanks for looking!