Heavy Duty Paracord Survival Bracelet (w/Titan Survivorcord)
Very Durable Paracord Survival Bracelet  (Handcrafted in Washington state)  *TITAN SURVIVORCORD (620lb tested paracord with all kinds of goodies wrapped up and running the entire length within the cord itself!)   Inside the cord (running the entire length)you will find:   *7 strands of NYLON CORDAGE (can be tied together to create even more cordage! or even used as fishing line!)   *1 thin BRASS WIRE 30AWG(copper/zinc alloy)(small game snare, electric conductivity, and sturdy lashing etc.)   *1 WAXED JUTE cord (when pulled out of casing...just ball it up into a small tinder nest and hit it with a spark! Poof! Flames!   *1 25lb test mono FISHING LINE  *SURVIVAL FIRESTARTER BUCKLE:  *Emergency Whistle  *Ferro Rod  *Serrated Blade/Scraper  *Compass  *RED CAMO ACCENT CORD (550lb paracord)(multiple uses)  *2 RANGER BANDS (made of EPDM, strap on a little extra gear or burns long and hot to aid in firestarting)  This bracelet contains tools tools to increase your odds greatly in many survival situations!