Ultimate Paracord Survival Bracelet! (w/Titan Survivorcord)
Hancrafted in Washington state  This ain't your average run of the mill bracelet folks! I personally handcrafted this monster out the best materials available on the market.  Let's take a moment to explore what this means: *TITAN SURVIVORCORD (620lb tested paracord with all kinds of goodies wrapped up and running the entire length within the cord itself!)  Inside the cord (running the entire length)you will find:   *7 strands of NYLON CORDAGE (can be tied together to create even more cordage! or even used as fishing line!)   *1 thin BRASS WIRE 30AWG(copper/zinc alloy)(small game snare, electric conductivity, and sturdy lashing etc.)   *1 WAXED JUTE cord (when pulled out of casing...just ball it up into a small tinder nest and hit it with a spark! Poof! Flames!   *1 25lb test mono FISHING LINE(you know for when that overwhelming urge to eat hits)  Now let's talk about all the extra goodies included in this portable survival kit of a bracelet!  *1 FERRO ROD (built into buckle)   *1 SERRATED BLADE/SCRAPER (built into buckle)   *1 EMERGENCY WHISTLE (you guessed it...built into buckle)   *1 LIQUID FILLED MAGNETIC COMPASS (for those of us who can't figure out what direction moss grows on trees)(added bonus...it doesn't require batteries!)   *4 RANGER BANDS (made of hot/long burning EPDM rubber to strap on a lil extra gear or aid in building that cozy fire to keep frostbite...well...from biting!)   *2 FISHING HOOKS (because bobbing for fish ain't easy!)(located under compass)   *2 SWIVEL FISHING LINE CONNECTORS (1 under each end band)   1 Blue Glow in the Dark accent casing containing:   *1 4ft KEVLAR UV TREATED CORD (use it as a light duty survival saw, extra cordage, Heck..your imagination is the limit!...well ok, 4ft is the limit but you get the idea!  This bracelet contains tools to increase your odds greatly in many survival situations!  Products made and sold by Alive2Survive- Built like your life depends it, because one day...it might!