Olive Oil Lamp, Eco-Friendly Peace Lamp, Set of Four
Enjoy eco-friendly light for the holiday season and all year 'round. Olive oil has been used in lamps around the world for thousands of years. Unlike petroleum-based fuels, olive oil is made anew every year from sunlight, soil, and water by the tree whose branch is the symbol of peace. Hand-made from copper wire with a replaceable cotton wick, these lamps easily fit in your favorite glass or ceramic votive cup or other decorative container to produce peaceful light for the holiday season or any time at all. (Decorative fused glass container is pictured for demonstration only and is NOT INCLUDED.) Each olive oil lamp is approximately 3" high and comes with card containing directions for use and instructions for replacing wick. Four extra wicks included. CAUTION: USE WITH OLIVE OIL ONLY. DO NOT USE WITH COMMERCIAL LAMP OIL, KEROSENE, OR OTHER FUELS.