I'm into satisfication. Who isn't, right? To that end you should know a few things about the metals used. Sterling silver, brass and copper (all of which I use) WILL tarnish over time. This is unavoidable. Copper gives you the best tarnish for your buck which is one reason I tend not to make copper rings. I do seal my pieces in rensaissance wax to maintain that just polished look but, as with all things, over time this too will wear thin and tarnish will begin to appear. Allergies: Some folks are allergic to certain metals. The most common are nickle and copper. This is usually evident by an itchy, painful and sometimes swollen piercing hole. I am using 0.925% sterling silver for my earring wires unless stated differently. Even sterling silver contains a trace of copper so there are folks out there that may react to the ear wires. This is usually not an issue with necklaces, rings or bracelets.

Payment Policy

No checks, No cash. You can pay via credit card through the paypal payment window even if you do not have a paypal account set up.

Shipping Policy

Withing the US: $6.10 one item, $5.75 for more than one. Canada: $11.00 one item, $9.00 for more than one. Everywhere else: $17.00 one item, $15.00 for more than one + plus whatever cost incurred to ensure package can be tracked to it's intended destination. Purchaser ( you) are responsible for any and all custom levies or duties that your country may require for you to secure your package.

Refund & Exchange Policy

I want you to love my stuff. I love a piece when I finish it and a bit of that love goes with it to its new home. If it arrives damaged, please message me IMMEDIATELY so we can rectify the matter. I may ask you to return it for repair or may just replace it out right if it's not a one of a kind piece. A full monetary refund will not be credited until the piece is returned AFTER we have discussed it and a return form is submitted with the piece.

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