A.L.L. Luxury Lotion The Garden
The Garden (by A.L.L. Luxury Lotion) is by far the best hair and face cream ever made! This over-the-top moisturizer contains Shea and cocoa butter, Jojoba and Argan oil, vitamin E oil, LIQUID SILK, and is colored with powdered rose petals!! This cream is a day spa experience anytime you use it! After we bring all of the wonderful moisturizers together we then add our custom blend of essential oils for their benefits and a scent that will have you walking around sniffing the jar and your hair like a mad person!! We use rose, violet, sandalwood, calendula, lemon and clary sage essential oils in this gem. Each of these oils are famous for helping to heal skin, diminish scars and fine lines, help balance natural oils or help to keep skin supple and give a youthful appearance! Thisis, by far, our favorite A.L.L. Luxury Lotion product and we use it all over, every day! The A.L.L. Ladies have noticed smaller scars, fewer brown spots, less acne and lighter stretch marks since we've started using The Garden! Also, it smells soooo good! Give it a try! You'll be addicted in no time!