A.L.L. Luxury Lotion - Soothing Relief
A.L.L. Soothing Relief was created for a friend that pulled a shoulder out of socket (do not try that at home!). While the FDA states that herbs and essential oils may not claim to relieve pain we can state that she stopped crying after rubbing it in! You will find Soothing Relief in the medicine cabinet of our favorite Uncle, who uses it for his cranky knees, our Auntie, who uses it for her neuropathy in her feet, and in the cabinet of all the hard working men of the family who constantly have sore muscles. It is also available in several local stores in Anchorage Alaska. Check our website for specifics - ALLLuxuryLotion.com Soothing Relief contains our standard base formula of Shea and cocoa butters, grapeseed oil, arrowroot powder, a dash of local beeswax, vitamin E and rosemary oils. We then whip it to fluffiness and add our special blend of essential oils; Frankincense - known for it's benefits to arthritis and muscular pain sufferers. Myrrh- commonly used to relieve joint discomfort and relieve swelling and inflammation. Geranium- used by many ancient cultures (and still today) to improve the immune system, address inflammation and soothe sore muscles and joints. Clary Sage- used to soothe and relax sore parts and improve blood circulation to those parts. Lemon - antibacterial and it makes the ointment smell very nice! Lemongrass - commonly used to soothe muscle cramps and spasms as well as soothe sore muscles. Also an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent.