ALL Luxurious Moisture - The Original!
This luxurious lotion is handcrafted using Shea and cocoa butters, grapeseed oil, arrowroot powder, vitamin E oil and Lavender, Geranium, Lemon and Rosemary essential oils. After lovingly handcrafting our lotions, we then whip them to fluffy perfection! This lotion smells like a spring morning in a beautiful garden and feels like satin going on! A.L.L. of our lotions are designed to absorb quickly and not leave a greasy residue! Each of our ingredients were carefully selected for specific properties or ages old uses, Luxurious Moisture is no different! The Shea and cocoa butters both have an SPF of 10. Arrowroot powder not only keeps the ointment from being greasy but has also been used for ages for relief of dry skin, dandruff, and supports healthy (non-achy) joints and muscles! Lavender and Lemon essential oils were chosen for their proven (even the FDA agrees) antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal properties. Geranium was chosen because it makes the lotion smell nice. It does have other uses but that's why it's here :) Rosemary and vitamin E oil are in all of our lotions to extend the shelf life of the product. They are both antioxidant oils. They are also great for the skin and hair!