Mother's Birthstone Ring 2 MM. Comfort Fit Personalized Mothers Ring 1 to 9 Stone Ring(Band)
Directly From Jewelers Bench to You.HAND MADE IN U.S. Welcome to our jewelry store We have been in business over 25 years and our goal is to provide our customer with a beautiful jewelry and affordable prices. Also respect and understanding comes for us before any business and our feedback testimonies is the best proof for that. We offer custom orders and repair services contact us if you need anything regarding jewelry · None of our merchandises are from overseas we do make them in house. All of our images are taken using a Power Shot and a light box. They are 100% original and taken by us for each item we list! Color may vary on different computer screens. All our images are taken with macro lens at a close distance to produce the magnified images so you may see the details of each item please refer to measurements and the picture with a ruler for actual size. Item Specifications The Black marks on the items in the photo are just reflections of the lighting used to take the photos. There are no marks on the item’s themselves All Sizes Available From 3 to 13 including half and quarter Sizes. Choose Your sizes, Quantity , Color and Material get the Shipping Discount. You are bidding on 2 mm. wide Comfort Fit 10 k. , 14 K. & Sterling silver Ring(Band): After you choose the material and your finger size send us a massage in the check out box and let us know how many stones in which order you wish to have it. For example : If you wish to have January , February and March now you can choose to have 2 or 3 from each stone. If you choose 2 stone your ring will end up with 6 stone and if you choose 3 your ring will end up with 9 stone. Any combination is possible contact us if you have any question Birthstones remain as popular as ever! This Rings(Bands) contains 2 mm round simulated birthstones. • January--garnet; lab-created corundum (IMIT); • February--amethyst; lab-created spinel doublet (ASBL); . • March--aquamarine; lab-created spinel (IMIT); • April--cubic zirconia; lab-created (SYN); safe to cast in place. • May--emerald; lab-created spinel doublet (ASBL); • June--alexandrite; lab-created corundum (IMIT); • July--ruby; lab-created corundum (SYN); • August--peridot; lab-created spinel doublet (ASBL); • September--sapphire; lab-created corundum (SYN); • October--tourmaline; lab-created corundum (IMIT); • November--topaz; lab-created corundum (IMIT); • December--blue zircon; lab-created spinel (IMIT); The AGTA Guide to Gemstone Treatments ASBL: Assembled from multiple layers or combinations of manufactured and/or natural material fused, bonded or otherwise joined together to increase stability and/or imitate the appearance of a natural gemstone, create a unique design or generate unusual color combinations. Example:Opal triplets SYN : Synthetic materials that have essentially the same optical, physical and chemical properties as a naturally occurring gemstone. NOTE: Trade terms equivalent to synthetic are "lab-created" or "lab-grown." IMIT : Imitation product fabricated in such materials as glass, ceramic or plastic designed to imitate or resemble the appearance, but not duplicate the characteristic properties of a natural gemstone. NOTE: A trade term equivalent to imitation is "simulated." We have %20 restocking fees. Contact Us: Every great experience begins with good communication. We do take great pride in responding to your questions and processing your orders quickly and efficiently. Have a great day and enjoy your jewelry. Thank you for visiting