Challenge Coin Holder - for any Challenge Coin collector -  display your favorite in this elegant and hand-made holder
The Challenge Coin T-Cube is a great way to present a CHALLENGE COIN. Its simple and elegant design is a great way to display your favorite coin. Great for Veterans to show their service or other groups that may have their own Challenge Coin. The T-Cube is 100% Made in America of Pennsylvania Cherry. It is a 2.25 inches cube with a truncated cut to angle or tilt the cube. The Cube, like a fine pipe, has a 3 step process that polishes it to a high luster giving a lovely appearance and a pleasing tactile feel. The Cube is designed and created by craftsman Terry Lee and Peter Pihos that have produced over 4,100 custom designed Milestone Cubes, its sister company. Coins are not included (Easy Coin Insert using special tape) Drilled for 1.5 inch diameter coin Copyright - all rights reserved including images