hamburger and olive / painted rock / paper weight
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One of the first things I tried to draw in detail as a young child was a hamburger. I remember trying to draw all of the toppings layer by layer. Then all of the tiny sesame seeds on top of the seemed to take forever... Well, this rock reminds me of that great childhood memory ~:~ This hand painted rock is fun to look at... and even more fun to give away as a gift It works great as a paper weight in your work space or fun just sitting in your kitchen or pantry Its painted in bright colors along with a clear finish and then to top it off...I have added a clay olive and toothpick to the bun these are about 3 inches in width at about 2 1/2 inches tall from the top of the toothpick super funnnnnnn.... please keep from getting one likes a soggy bun... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~