max's place / sweet preserves miniature / recycled glass jar
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Come wont you please come to my place at three .......please just bring yourself Well....and maybe a { little } cheese ~:~ This item is from my: sweet preserves collection recycled from a glass pickle jar Everything inside has been made of clay, hand painted and detailed with pen.. So much tiny detail to look at and discover... Every time you turn it there is something new to see secured to the bottom of the jar PLEASE DO NOT DISPLAY THIS IN A BATHROOM DUE TO CONDENSATION :0) :0) :0) I want it to stay looking great for years to come ...Enjoy it was made with This jar stands at about 6 inches tall at about 4 1/2 inches in width ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{love}~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P.S Those in attendance chuck the groundhog mr. blue the birdie curtis the turtle a few other feathered friends flew by for a quick cold drink... {all friends from the creek} & max basset.... of course