miniature hand made clay fruit and veggie basket
what says {spring} like a basket of fresh produce ? { except these fruit & veggies will {never} go bad and or attract fruit flies } ~:~ These miniature fruit and veggie baskets have been made of clay, hand painted and detailed with perfection. Baskets available: {one} tiny basket / that holds three pieces of produce $28.00 {five} med baskets / these hold up to six pieces of produce $48.00 THIS LISTING IS FOR ONE OF THE SMALL SIZE BASKETS AND THREE PIECES OF PRODUCE SO JUST CHOOSE 3 PIECES WITH YOUR ORDER :0) [[[please]]] just note which pieces you would like BY THE NUMBER ON PIC only one of each kind please :)) thanks The MED baskets available with six pieces will be on a different listing...... SEE ADDITIONAL PIC FOR ALL OF YOUR PRODUCE CHOICES BY NUMBER .......................Happy {almost} Spring.................... - See more at: