3 Layered Natural Greenish Lapis Lazuli, Oxidized Silver Plated Necklace
Handmade 3 Layered Natural Greenish Lapis Lazuli,Oxidized Silver Plated Oval Shape Drop Necklace. Necklace Size - Close to your neck measures 18.5 inch at the shortest length and 22.5 at the last strand. Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful opaque gemstone that comes in various shapes and cuts. The color of lapis lazuli is defined by its name, 'the blue stone' but its colors can actually range from greenish blue to violet, medium to dark. For this particular necklace I have used greenish blue chips along with silver plated oval drops which add an extra charm to each layer of the piece. I love how the green/blue and silver when put together make an elegant combination. Its a necklace that can be worn on a dress or t-shirt/ blouse to work or a party. A dainty and elegant piece to have in your jewelry collection or give a gift to someone special! This lovely necklace will come in a 4316Designs box. Enjoy browsing the pictures!