Black & Gray Czech Beades, Glass Beaded Necklace
Handmade - 4mm Gray Black Opaque Czech Beads Glass Seed Beads Layered Loop, 925 Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp Necklace. Necklace Size - 18 Inch Gray Beads - 4mm Black Beads - 4mm Gray and black are one of my favorite colors. And I love the combination of the duo. To make this necklace I used 3 strings on each side of the clasp and then double it making it into a 6 layered necklace on each side and then made a loop using the other side of the beaded strings. So in all there are 12 layers of strung beads. A very elegant neckpiece to have in your jewelry collection which can be worn on any occasion be it formal or semi formal or give a gift to someone special. This beautiful piece will come in a 4316Design box. Enjoy browsing the pictures!