Peridot,Amethyst,Lapis Lazuli,Agate,Sterling Silver Necklace
Handmade - 4 Layered Natural Peridot, Amethyst, Greenish Blue Lapis Lazuli Chips, Round Agate Beads, .925 Sterling Silver Floral Charm, Beaded Necklace - Gift For Her, Anniversary gift, Wedding Gift,Birthday Gift. Necklace Size - 1st Layer - 17.5 Inch 2nd layer - 18 Inch 3rd layer - 19.5 Inch 4th layer - 20.5 Inch This stunning necklace is made using 4 types of different chips as mentioned above. In the first three layers I have mainly used Peridot alternating with a chip of Amethyst and couple of Lapis Lazuli to create a pattern along with three agate beads and four floral charms in the third layer. In the fourth string I have used Lapis Lazuli with a hint of Peridot to complete the layering of the necklace. I love how the greenish blue color of the Lapis Lazuli brings the whole piece together. The floral design toggle clasp adds an extra charm to the piece as well. A beautiful and elegant necklace to have in your jewelry collection or give a gift to someone special! Will come in a 4316Designs box Enjoy browsing the pictures!