Vintage Haute Couture French Gripoix Runway Flower Necklace Poured Glass Flowers
Killer vintage early gripoix glass flower runway choker necklace. This is definitely a statement piece, with its two large 1 1/2 inch flowers iith red poured glass petals. The dangle can be removed and the three strand choker worn alone. This is a one of a kind assemblage necklace from vintage (Art Nouveau) and newer vintage parts that we purchased from the designer who makes them. This was one she made back in the 80s for a fashion show. We try and gobble up all the vintage pieces she offers up for sale. She has a great eye for fashion and style and makes some incredible jewelry, mostly for private clients. She travels abroad for about 3 months a year gathering items for her creations with most of her time spent in Paris. We love one of a kind items because it's nice to know that your item is unique to you and you won't see another on anyone else. We accept reasonable offers on all of our items!