Aqua and Elephants Burp Cloths
Have you ever experienced traditional burp cloths? They are terrible, I mean, who enjoys using those large cumbersome, square, leakey, falling-off-your-shoulder, burp cloths?? Say goodbye to those days! now with these burp cloths, made with 100% cotton, which is a natural fabric, and therefore more healthy for you and baby you can enjoy burping time with ease. Tailored to drape easily over your shoulder and are tapered to curve easily with the curve of your shoulder and neck. Besides, who could resist that adorable fabric design??!! Imagine opening your baby's drawer to an array of cute burp cloths just waiting to be used! Light and easy to carry in diaper bags, they are perfect for every day use. They take up less space than traditional burp cloths, as you can roll them small and tuck them into small areas of the bag. Made with light cotton on top and soft flannel on the bottom they are cozy and stay on your shoulder better because flannel provides more traction. These are perfect for baby shower gifts, home use, and so much more! Go ahead, order yours today! And don't miss out, only one set available!