Hand Embroidered Egg Hankie by wrenbirdarts
I don't know why, but an embroidered egg on a hankie seems like a good idea. If you think so too, well, I guess you've come to the right place. Can it be green? Sure, make a note at checkout, and a green egg you will have. Otherwise, just the standard yellow yolk. Customization choices: *Hanky Style: 12” Scalloped Hem, 12” Straight Hem, or men’s traditional Satin Bordered Seriously Handcrafted My promise to you is a completely original and created with care handkerchief. Each and every design in my shop is original and hand lettered or hand sketched. Once you place your order, I outline the design directly onto the hanky, then I hand embroider (no machines!) using 100% cotton thread. That’s just the beginning. Once the embroidery is complete, I hand wash the hanky with unscented soap, dry, label, and press each hanky. After that, I double check, and wrap your order in simple, recyclable, cute packaging!