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All American Handmade and Ready-To-Go Jewelry

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On Vacation ~ On Vacation ~ On Vacation ~ On Vacation! Ready-to-ship and personalized Jewelry for you. Every piece, American made with love from the Pacific Northwest. ►Things I love to make: All the jewelry things that sparkle, flutter, glitter, and shine...and then sometimes not. Sometimes they're dark, glowing and moody, and that's OK too. ►How I love to make them: metal bending, knotting, lashing, winding, twirling, balancing, not balancing, and sometimes even things that are of transverse plane in nature. ►What I like to make things from: All the usual suspects and more, including niobium and titanium. I support other handmade artists; so in my jewelry you'll find their art. I also support heritage (I'll be sure to tell you about them, too). Did I mention that rocks, gems and minerals are my true love? They are the oldest of all, and the deepest of keepsake pieces. Registered SRAJD #1033 (2007)