Handcrafted Cross Made from New England Atlantic Driftwood - Wall Hanging - Silver Inlay - Each Piece Completely One-of-a-Kind!
Handcrafted Cross made from New England Atlantic driftwood - can be floor based or hang from a wall - Silver Inlay - Each Piece Completely One-of-a-Kind! This wall hanging art has silver inlay along with a vintage railroad spike representing the footrest, called a suppedaneum (pronounced sup ped un a' um). Each piece is lovingly created and completely unique! Perfect as a gift for a housewarming, wedding, or religious event, or simply as art and a simple expression of your faith and devotion in your home. PRICING STARTS AT $250. Cross as pictured in photos is 45" x 17" x 6". Item can be made to order in different sizes, all driftwood is hand selected from the gorgeous New England beaches. HOW TO ORDER: 1. Purchase this listing. 2. Within 1 - 2 business days of your purchase, we will send you a questionnaire sheet to fill out. 3. In addition, the questionnaire will also include the following: - Contact information - Specify date due - Desired size - Choice of color for the base (if you would like one included) - Choice of hanger, i.e. wire, drilled hole, picture bracket - Specify if you would like additional details: inlay (silver, gold, copper), footrest spike, barbwire, etc. - Where to ship the final design - these pieces are not heavy, however, due to the size they may ship as heavy items REFUND POLICY: Due to the unique and customized nature of the products, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NON-REFUNDABLE and SOLD AS IS. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we are happy to work with you to correct the problem however possible. FURTHER QUESTIONS? Please e-mail me: cmshoukimas [!at] hotmail.com.