Glass Crystal Earrings
Swarovski crystal rondelles, amber glass, and clear glass dangling earrings. These elegant faceted glass and crystal beads are simply stunning and sure to catch the eye. They can be worn with anything from a casual outfit to something fancy, formal. The full length of these earrings with hooks is approximately 2 inches long, sans hooks, the dangle is about 1.25 inches. The faceted clear glass beads tend to grab the color of whatever they are near, so they don't always look clear, the color changes depending on what they are worn with, or what they dangle against. I found these gorgeous glass beads just before Christmas, while our shop was on vacation to move, and I couldn't wait to get settled into our new place to make some fabulous earrings with them. (Lola, the shop namesake and the we that I include, would like to state that moving is a bunch of bullocks and she did not enjoy it, though the new place is very comfortable. LOL) The hooks are gold colored hypoallergenic surgical steel, which can be replaced with sterling silver, upon request, at no additional charge, just send me a message to let me know.