Genuine Emerald  & Topaz Earrings
Genuine emerald and topaz facted rondelle earrings. The gems shine on their own, so there was really no need to add anything else. The yellow against the green is absolutely gorgeous. These earrings are a great way to wear real gemstones, without looking overdone. They are definitely a minimalist style. Petite and elegant. Measuring from the hook, they are approximately 1.25 inches long. The gemstones themselves stacked only measure .25 inches. All of my supplies are cleansed, blessed, and charged for your spiritual health, and safety. The emerald is said to be the stone of love, so it will help anyone looking for a new relationship, or to relight the spark in an existing one. It also aids in wisdom, and mental clarity. Cleopatra was well known to love emeralds. Topaz is sometimes used as a charm to aid those trying to finish a large project, or meet a big goal. It enhances strength of will, can help stop bad habits, and can aid in weight loss. It gives positive feelings and brings prosperity. Combining gemstones enhances their powers, so this is a very lucky combination to wear.