Amber and Ceramic Wire Necklace
Wire heart shaped Baltic amber and ceramic necklace. The focal piece of this necklace is a hand shaped square brass wire heart with Baltic Amber chips, and two flower shaped ceramic beads that can be spun, and will move around slightly with movement. The small chips are genuine Baltic Amber that is a really warm, wonderful color, it matches perfectly with the orange floral shaped ceramic beads, which also have gold metallic streaks drizzles across them. All of my supplies are cleansed, charged, and blessed, for your spiritual health and safety. Amber is known to ease stress and aid mental clarity. It is often used for psychic protection. It is often worn as a talisman to aid in health. Being able to spin the ceramic floral beads can also be a great stress reliever, when you're nervous or upset about something. The chain is almost 18 inches long, gold toned, with a 2 inch extender.