Black Raspberry Vanilla (Bath and Body Works type) Soap,  Sweet and Tart, Gift for Women, Teens, Mother's Day
This soap contains a lovely take on a very popular fragrance from Bath and Body Works. It is a perfect blend of tart raspberry mixed with soothing vanilla. Sweet, fruity and refreshing, this soap will liven up anyone's day! The color I am going for is the juice produced from either a blackberry or a black raspberry. Freshen up with this latest creation from Sole Sanctifier Soaps! You will be purchasing TWO bars of Black Raspberry Vanilla. OR you may also send me an email indicating another soap you would like to buy from another listing. AFTCRA only allows items $10 or more. In order to be able to sell in this venue. Thank you for your understanding. And don't forget, you are a child of God. He loves you and wants you close. Cleanse yourself in His Holy Spirit! Bathe in His Grace! Let *Him* clean you! Sanctify your soul and your soles!