Lovely Red and White Crocheted Necklace("Country Elegance") w/Large White crocheted flower N Faux Pearl/Faux Gold button w/White Fringe Trim
This is a lovely red and white crocheted necklace("country Elegance" Necklace). The white yarn used in making this necklace is all cotton and the red yarn is acrylic. In the middle of the necklace is a large crocheted white flower and sewn into the middle of the flower there is a large faux pearl button with a faux golden ornate trim. Under the crocheted flower is a white trim fringe sewn onto the necklace. The necklace is secured by a snaps that are sewn onto each end of the necklace. The snaps are located on the side of the necklace which makes it much easier to put the necklace on and to take it off. Hand wash cold. Do Not Bleach. Lay flat to dry.