Shell Pendant with Hand Forged Copper Necklace
Perfect gift for any beach lover! I hand select each sea shell I use straight from the ocean’s surf. Hours of beach combing both the OBX beaches of North Carolina and down the Jersey Shore are put in before finding each seashell that inspires my unique one of a kind design. This necklace has shades of brown in the shell which have been accentuated by white and turquoise beads incorporated into the handmade copper necklace in my studio. Copper chains are 100% handmade using copper wire in a variety of ways such as to coil jump rings, twist decorative loops, and hand hammer bars which I then piece together one link at a time. All clasps are also entirely handmade. You will never run into someone with the same Sea Gypsy Handcrafted necklace because each one is completely unique with it's special sea shell.