Silver Circle Pendant—Lapis
I choose Argentium Silver because it is resistant to tarnish, it’s hypoallergenic, and is made with reclaimed silver. Here, a 22-gauge one-inch circle backs a bezel cup and lapis lazuli cabochon. I hammered a radial pattern for texture, tumbled the piece, and gave it a satin finish. The lapis stone is very blue, and always a good match for silver. A riveted bail will hold a chain or cord. I do not include chains with pendants. Many people swap chains, and you shouldn’t have to buy one to order a pendant. If you’re interested in Argentium chains, Rio Grande does offer them. The pendant is just over 1” (26 mm) wide and weighs 4.7 grams. For an item like this, I take new photos for each piece. What you see in the pictures is exactly what you will receive if you order. This was an experiment; a 22-gauge piece seems a little light if it’s the primary backing. It is still work-hardened and should take some abuse with no problems. The benefit is reduced weight if you don’t want a heavy pendant. The following description of Argentium Silver is courtesy of Rio Grande: Made with a touch of germanium, Argentium® Silver presents a bright white color that is closer to fine silver than traditional sterling, yet is highly resistant to firescale and less likely to tarnish under most conditions. It welds flawlessly and is ideal for fusing techniques. All Argentium is made from reclaimed silver and its sources are guaranteed by Argentium International Ltd. Your customers will appreciate the value and convenience of brighter-white sterling silver designs that resist tarnishing and keep on shining.