Hope the Soft Baby Doll
Hi, I’m Hope! I’ve got brown hair made of yarn! My maker tied it up in ponytails with pink ribbons! I hope you like my dress! It’s pink with flowers - my favorite color! My shoes are pink (You know… to match my dress. ) I even wear socks! My face is also embroidered! My designer made sure I will have eyebrows, blue eyes, a nose and a mouth. I am definitely shorter than you...10 Inches high! I am perfect for little hands to carry me around and hug me! Will my next home be with you? ______________________________ Hope is one my most popular little creations, I try to keep her at all times- She is made with high quality fabrics and cotton blend- so not to irritate the skin. These fabrics also make it possible for Hope to be washed easily! You can spot clean her with a damp towel or toss her in a mesh laundry bag and into the washer on cold.. Air drying only.