Kisses ~ Natural Soap & Soy Candle Gift Basket
Assortment of Handmade Natural Soaps, Fizzy Bath Bomb and Hand Poured Honey Suckle scented Soy Candle with Glass Butterfly Charm. This assortment is placed in a Hand Decorative Gift Basket.This beautiful arrangement of handmade all natural body and bath care, placed in a red woven basket that has been hand decorated, in a one of a kind detail. Included with your basket is a handmade To:, From: card and Soap information card. our Basket is wrap in a metallic mesh of red and gold, closed with a hand tied bow. It will be ready for gifting or enjoy it yourself. A Gift for any occasion.This basket contain one of each: Sea Shell Soap Saponified Oils: Clear Vegetable Glycerin, Olive Oil, Vitamin e Oil, Cosmetic 24k Gold, Caribbean Escape fragrance, skin safe colorant. Chunk Chocolate Saponified Oils: Virgin Olive Oil, Clear Vegetable Glycerin, Cocoa, extracts of vanilla, essential chocolate fragrance oil. Fizzy Bath Bomb Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, Almond oil, Peppermint Almond Essential oils, skin safe colorant. Lavender Heart Soap Saponified Oils: Olive Oil, Clear Vegetable Glycerin, Goats Milk, Essential Lavender Oil, Lavender flowers. Honey Apple Soap Saponified Oils: Clear Vegetable Glycerin, Olive Oil, Goats milk, Honey, vanilla, apple extract, ground cinnamon, fragrance, skin safe colorant. Soy Candle: Hand poured soy candle is Honey Suckle scented and poured into a heavy reusable sculptured candle glass. A hand assembled glass Butterfly Charm for key chain, is inserted in the soy candle that can easily be removed as the candle burns down. Your package will be placed securely in a shipping box filled with packaging materials and marked fragile.