3d Cube Maze (White)
This is the first 3d printed cube I designed. The path design is not computer generated. Humans create way better mazes than computers. It’s not too hard, but enough so to make it fun. It’s a standard single layer maze covering 6 sides of the cube. You win when the ball falls through the marked green hole, opposite of the start. To get the ball back into the maze, rotate the cube so the starting position is facing down. It should fall back in FYI: This cube is 3d printed. Each side of the cube takes 3-4 hours to print. This means it takes around 20 hours to print. I then have to print and install the flaps that cover the hole under the finish. We don’t want you cheating. After that, glue is applied and the whole thing is clamped together. This is not an exact process and 3D printing is prone to inconsistencies. You are not getting a 100% perfect product. Do not buy this if you’re the type to nit-pick about every little detail. I do test it after assembly to verify that the ball passes through a portion of the maze. Should you find a spot where the ball sticks, you can use a pen to push it along. Sometimes shaking it will be enough force it through.