And Hello there! It is a pleasure to meet each of you. Thank you for stopping by and browsing through our website. We hope there is something that peaks your interest as it did for us when we created it. We have been operating our business out of our home and within a local knitting shop for some time and finally decided it was time to share... Made at Home Quilts is a company that is dedicated to make all things we carry or hang, express the owner's personality... and then some!!! Our quilted/sewn items are of quality and use only the finest materials sold locally. We take the time in our design process to test all levels to make sure it meets the needs of any client that make that purchase. Items can be tailored made for the buyer... and there are no limitations!!! We love working with our customers and their ideas to create something that inspired them... We are crafters in the truest sense, so when our designs are created, we always ask, would this be something that is useful or is it going to get in the way... Please take the time browse through our webpage and explore, ya never know what you might see... and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us immediately!!!

Payment Policy

Payments can be made via PayPal. And just a couple more items to mention, (1) if your payment method is e-check through PayPal, payment usually takes 3-5 BUSINESS days to clear. (2) Shipment will be made after any type of payment clears. If payment is not made by the purchaser within 48 hours, the listing will be posted back into the shop.

Shipping Policy

All purchases are ready to ship within 3-5 BUSINESS days. All our packages sent within the United States, are shipped via USPS Priority, and this includes $50 of insurance and yes tracking! Once shipped your package should arrive within 2-3 Days. Please know that while some may feel we can control everything, we cannot control the USPS. Once the package leaves our hands it is in their care. We try to ensure your item is kept flat, so there are no creases or folds; however there are times that it is just not possible due to the cost to you in shipping (i.e. box size)! Shipping is that silent item that really does control a lot, but we do not want it to take over our purchases… At this time we do not offer International Shipping, but we are currently in the process of setting that up and will announce once in place. Sorry ;(!

Refund & Exchange Policy

We want every customer to be completely satisfied with their purchase from Made at Home Quilts...and then some!!!, but there are times were the product just did not meet your standards. If your product is not what you expected, please feel free to send it back to us within 7 BUSINESS days of receiving it, and we will give you a refund of the item purchased, AFTER THE ITEM IS RECEIVED IN OUR SHOP. Your refund will not include the original shipping costs though, and you will be responsible for the costs to ship it back to me. ( Unless the item is defective, shipping will be refunded back). We first encourage and request you to contact us so we can discuss prior to the product making the state never know what other OPTIONS we come up with together... NOTE: If your product was damaged during shipment, then that will be up to you, the customer, to contact the USPS to get your refund. Insurance is always attached to your shipments and you will receive your tracking number and receipts once your item has shipped.

Other Policies

GENERAL When you are making a purchase from our shop, you are receiving the item that is being displayed at the time of purchase. Now you know this does not mean we cannot make changes, these are your items that express your personality as well. Just contact us if you are looking for the same item, but maybe a difference color scheme, or size, or maybe you are looking for more than just one!!! The possibilities are endless and we can set up a 'Reserved/Custom Listing' specifically for you... PRODUCTS The measurements of any item may not be exact. Know that when we take our measurements and it is between sizes, we do narrow down to the closest quarter of an inch. As most of you know there is never an exact science to the wonderful world of handmade. It just allows each piece to be that more unique in its own way! PHOTOGRAPHY Know that we do our best to take as accurate pictures as we can, but as you can see from our site, I am a quilter and a sewer, not a photographer. There may be a color difference between what is shown on your monitor, screen, tablet, or phone, etc., (we have so many ways to shop), and the final product received. But know that if what is purchased is blue, your item received should not be red... FABRIC PRODUCT CARE All of our products are made by machine/ hand. The majority of our textiles we use are not pre-washed as we want to keep them crisp and in its original shape so it is easier to maneuver the material. Therefore, if your piece purchased should need to be cleaned, we suggest the following: (1) Wash by hand in cool water with a very gentle soap, and rinse until the water is clear of suds... (2) Let it air dry flat... (3) If necessary, and while damp, iron to remove wrinkles, we tend to really like that adds even more character... (4) and most IMPORTANT!!!, It is not recommended to ever Dry Clean, this can breakdown the fibers... NOTE: IF YOUR ITEM CONTAINS OR HOLDS A PAPER BEAD, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND OR SUGGEST SUBMERGING THE ITEM. THE PAPER BEAD, EVEN THOUGH COVERED IN A GLAZE, WILL BE DAMAGED... BUT OF COURSE, IT IS MADE OUT OF PAPER!!! They are designed to be water resistant, not water proof. PAPER BEAD CARE Our paper Beads are made using card stock or scrapbook paper, sealed with 'Mod Podge' glue and then two coats of glaze are applied by brush using 'Diamond Glaze'. The outside of the beads will be water resistant but the inside core is not covered or protected. If the paper bead needs to be cleaned, we suggest an extremely damp cloth to wipe the paper bead directly and let air dry. DO NOT SUBMERGE THE PAPER BEAD... IMAGINE/ CREATE We are always up for anything YOU can dream up! We have some customers that have created many quilts that are against the norm. Some create photo albums, t-shirt memorabilia, or even had us destroy their wedding gown because they want their child in a Christening outfit. We will try anything once... It only takes an email to realize that the possibilities are endless...!!!

Contact Information

You can also contact me through the below avenues... 267-644-6543 215-631-7393

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