Lacey Baby Headband in Light Peach,  Medium/(6-12 mos)
Lacey Baby Headband in Light Peach, Medium/(6-12mos), in a simply dainty design will adorn your baby's countenance with a bit of class! Made with a size 10 cotton crochet thread, this medium/(6-12mos) headband is 16 inches in circumference. Though delicate in design, it will stand the test of time; just handwash and air dry for another day! ♡ Materials: Cotton Crochet Thread, size 10 Color: Light Peach Size: Medium/(6-12 mos), 16 " circumference Time to Create: 1.5 hours Price: $15.00 ♡ Smoke Free! ♡ Pet Free! ♡ Dust Free! ♡Hope you like it! ♡